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Finance Vs IT

Maryna Postrelko
April 2019 — 630 views

Strategic Agency of Technology and Marketing Jaya Digital doubled annual profit using Odoo ERP

Maryna Postrelko
April 2019 — 633 views

Internet-acquiring service Fondy increased the number of users by %384 using the digital promotion strategy from BITEGRICO

Maryna Postrelko
April 2019 — 974 views

Case: Integration of ERP-system Odoo in the retail company Man.Go

Maryna Postrelko
March 2019 — 744 views

Business analysis in IT-sector

Maryna Postrelko
January 2019 — 669 views

Why lawyers in Ukraine do not use project management systems?

Maryna Postrelko
January 2019 — 677 views

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