Case: Integration of ERP-system Odoo in the retail company Man.Go

Retail company Man.Go is selling uniform and personal protective equipment to large production enterprises

Maryna Postrelko


When the decision to introduce an ERP system was made, there were no significant challenges with the organization of business processes and lack of software in the company. 

The owner was proactive: Man.Go were planning to launch their own production. This would entail the rise in the volume of logistics processes and it would be impossible to control them in an Excel-document. 

Besides, the company needed to set up efficient warehouse accounting as the functionality of 1C did not manage with the processing of the warehouse turnover volumes. Inaccurate warehouse accounting in 1C transformed into shortages after inventory. 

Odoo integration = transparent warehouse accounting 

After deciding to integrate an ERP-system, the owner of Man.Go was choosing among different software packages. Eventually, he chose Belgian open-code system Odoo ERP. Currently, the company uses sales, CRM, purchases, warehouse, finance, and accounting modules. 

The accounting module at Man.Go is used rather as the payments recording system. The managers monitor when the payment is made and give further instructions about shipping to the warehouse employees. 

Before introducing the ERP-system, there were two challenges in the company: 

 Shortages identified during inventories. 

Management always faced shortages after every planned inventory.

 The balances in 1C were not equal to the actual number of goods at the warehouse.

Thus, to give an answer to a client's request, the warehouse employees had to manually check all items at the warehouse by-article to make sure that, for example, 50 pairs of protective winter boots of 45 size were actually in stock. Not only in the 1C system. 

Plans for the future - introduce the logistics module

Man.Go is expecting active growth of production shipping therefore automation of logistics control is a very reasonable decision.

The functionality of the module is determined by the following: all suppliers can enter a special portal on the company's website and communicate with the managers there. The possibility to receive notifications and send documents. The module can reduce excessive communications and levy the employees from unnecessary details as the system will store all the data.

"My ideal perception of how the logistics module in the ERP-system: the company created an order, automatically generated the notifications to the supplies, the latter, upon receiving it, invoiced us, published our orders with the information when we will receive the parts"  - The owner of Man.Go.

New business model - remote work from anywhere in the world

Today the owner and director of Man.Go is rebuilding the format of his business. It is planned to implement such a business model that will allow working from anywhere in the world. 

This system allows the management, but not the whole team, to work remotely. The software cannot cover all sales processes. The stock will still be over at the warehouse, the accountants need to communicate with warehouse employees, salespeople need to interact with each other. There are numerous situations when the team has to make collective decisions. The system optimizes the time costs for them and helps in monitoring the tasks, deadlines and responsible persons. 

For the top management and owners of the business, this functional provides the sense of freedom, opportunity to think in the greater scale and focus on strategic tasks.

"We want to drop the sales to the ultimate client and start working with dealers. We have our trademark, production, we are interested in increasing sales volumes and ultimate profitability. 

At the same time, I don't want to have "hundreds" of managers to sustain our business processes. This is why we are introducing the ERP-system that aggregates all business data and allows managing the production processes online" The owner of Man.Go.

Transparent warehouse without shortages

Mobility and freedom for the owner

All information in the single system