Internet-acquiring service Fondy increased the number of users by %384 using the digital promotion strategy from BITEGRICO

Marketing case

Maryna Postrelko

International payments service Fondy increased the number of new users by 384%

Starting from 2014 the team of Fondy coders was working hard on developing the high-quality, technological and innovative product. We managed to develop a reliable payments platform that meets the needs of entrepreneurs, freelancers, and financial analysts. Although from the technical stand the service was functioning perfectly, Fondy faced the lack of clients.

BITEGRICO developed a strategy to attract new clients to Fondy.

About Fondy

Fondy is an international Internet-acquiring service started in 2014. The main advantages of the payments' system are stability, continuous service and reliability of payments, multi-currency, one-click payment, and back-office integration.

More than 60 employees facilitate the work of the Offices in Ukraine, Latvia, Czech Republic, Great Britain, Slovakia, Poland, thus covering two large jurisdictions,  the EU and CIS.

More than 30 servers ensure guaranteed system Service Level of 99.95% (not more than 20 minutes of planned and unexpected downtime per months) and ready for scalable increase of the load.

The development is made according to the Continuous Integration methodology using automated testing, which allows updating the production system several times a day without risking many errors.

Business processes are built in such a way that any new function follows the timeline of 2-3 weeks from the idea to launch, while the launch of the new project takes not longer than 3-4 months

+ 384, 36%



New Users




Bounce rate

At the early stage of digital approaches: Feeling the lack of clients

 From the start, Fondy was characterized by innovativeness, use of advanced technologies and strong development team.

After the system was launched, the company faced a problem highly typical in the high-tech industry. The technical part is flawless but the users are simply not aware of Fondy's existence.

To successfully develop the brand Fondy was actively participating is such offline events as Iforum, Retail & Development Business Summit and other. Also, it used the targeted methods in digital form, such as  publishing promo articles on specialized online resources.

However, this turned out to be not enough to reach the company's goal of increasing the number of clients. There was no global strategy for online brand promotion.

It was decided to start complex digital promotion to attract new clients and increase the level of brand recognition.

Service's low level of knowledge

Attraction of new clients

CLTV – the value of every client

Entering the European market

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  • Entrepreneur, 24-35 years old.

  • 72% -men, 28% - women. 

  • Professional activity: director, accountant, financial analyst, manager, technical expert, developer, or freelancer.

Based on the primary data we set the following targets:

1. Development of the customer personality and elaboration of its main paths.

One of the most common marketing practices at the early stage of working with the new client is the definition of the target customer for a good or service. We analyzed the client information that describes the target audience and based on this data we managed to identify several personalities with the detailed description of demographics, interests, habits, online behavior and lifestyle. 

Also, it was important to describe the Customer journey that is made up by the following stages

  • Realization of the need;

  • Evaluation of the options;

  • Decision-making;

In the very beginning we were analyzing the created personalities and their decision-making paths. These actions directly defined the possibility of setting up customized advertisement, shaping the unique value proposition individually for every personality according to their stage of the consumer journey.

The work with personalities and deep analysis of the journey allowed us to set up the deep sales funnel.

2. Building digital marketing processes. 

It involved the development of the complex strategy including the detailed action plan for each digital channel: Google targeted advertisement (Google AdWords), Facebook & Instagram advertisement, website search optimization (SEO/SMM mechanisms), content marketing, including the content for the blog and external sources.

3. Development of deep analytical functions settings.

Before working with the agency, Fondy had basic settings in the analytics service Google Analytics as well as the internal CRM-system, the data from which was not integrated into the GA environment. Therefore, some information about purchases, registrations, and transactions was not reflected in the analytics. It was difficult to trace, which particular channel initially brought the user to the system. 

4. Attract the target traffic to Fondy's website

We did not aim at the quantitative indicators of the sessions and advertisement leads. The most important indicator was the number of users who entered the website, registered in the system, and started using it.

 After working hard for one year

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Result No. 1 Integration of CRM and Google Analytics

Why was it done and what it offers?

The marketing team of the Digital Transformation Agency BITEGRICO developed the list of technical requirements and recommendations on the integration of CRM and Google Analytics. Fondy's developers integrated the CRM data into GA, which allowed for a better understanding of the website users and optimization of advertisement settings.

Benefits of integrating CRM and Google Analytics

  • Merged data allowed segmenting the clients with particular needs.

  • Consequently, it became possible to develop the strategies of working with each segment/personality based on the individual demand.

  • The communications turned to be personalized.

  • The control over by-tool ROI increased, which in turn increased the efficiency of marketing activities.

  • Identified new challenges of the client work.

Sometime after the integration of CRM and GA the results of the advertisement campaigns were analyzed on the by-channel basis. The results of the analysis allowed building the even-deeper sales funnel.

Result No. 2 Building the sales funnel

Specifics of sales funnel development:

The need to specify several hypotheses for the funnel, test them and find the optimal way to satisfy all consumer segments.

Technical part of the integration. The process required the involvement of both  Fondy and BITEGRICO teams 

The development of the interaction strategy with every personality, partial automation of the process;

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Odoo • Image and Text

Result No. 3 Launch of the personalized advertisement 

The more personalized the approach to the customer is, the more leads it generates

Nowadays people face tremendous volumes of information and advertisement online. Therefore, the user tries to scroll annoying advertisement whenever she faces a new advert and return to browsing the posts on her friends in the feed. This is why the personalized adverts are a must have for efficient promotion campaigns. Personal communications make the brands one step closer to their clients. At the same time, the development of the unique value proposition that meets the needs of the clients in a particular point of time creates the most efficient model of online communications between the brand and the client.

Thus, Fondy started to have the audiences segmented by the interests, behavioral characteristics, and individual needs. Further, the personalized advertisement was set according to the sales funnel stages. Just registered users were receiving the advertisements with content motivating them to make the first transaction. At the same time, the active users who knew the system were informed about the news of the service. This created additional motivation to use Fondy rather than a similar system by competitors. Fondy is evolving, creating new opportunities and informing its users.

The power of numbers: on the achieved results

Talking about complex branding processes, results and achievements in nice and well-structured sentences can take a long time. However, the development and introduction of the complex digital strategy requires detailing analysis of the efficiency of the advertisement campaigns by every source in quantified indicators

Nowadays we continue to work with Fondy. The increase of brand awareness remains an important but not acute goal. The service attracted many new clients both in Ukraine and Europa, and Fondy brand is now well known for the target audience.  Currently, we are working on reaching the new goals, namely, increasing the number of clients.