Strategic Agency of Technology and Marketing Jaya Digital doubled annual profit using Odoo ERP

Business transformation case

Maryna Postrelko

Streaming company growth required to increase the management processes quality

During the streaming company growth, the appearance of the more number of projects, employees, and the responsibility level - the importance is being increasingly attached to streamline current business processes. An existing model of business organization by using such instruments, as e-mail, MS Office, Skype, Google Drive, Asana, Teamwork, 1С, Hipchat hasn’t covered business needs.

The key difficulties in the Agency’s management:

  • lack of effective allocation of duties and responsibilities between employees of the company;

  • poor profitability management level of projects and the whole company;

  • a lack of metrics to control the company/project/employee effectiveness;

  • difficulties in bookkeeping and finance;

Analyzed the key difficulties, Agency’s owners decided to implement ERP-system, which should become the cornerstone in the terms of enterprise management and integrate company’s business activity in the single system framework to achieve the transparent measured goals.

About JayaDigital

JayaDigital is the strategic agency of technology and marketing, which prior goal is to implement the effective strategies for the customers in different industries. The agency is an evangelist of digital technologies and communications, has covered more than 100 successful projects for over 50 companies from different countries in a number of various industries.





- 200%


So, which system is it better to choose?

Having the particular business experience, working in some enterprise resource planning system,  JayaDigital properly approached to the ERP selection procedure: they needed sales, Project management, finance, and HR modules, Agency had considered different solutions, especially NetSuite, Salesforce, Odoo.

“For a long time we have been analyzing ERP-solutions market, as it was important for us to find a system, which will be easy to understand and use both for the project manager and accountant, and of course the solution must cover our essential business processes: projects, finance, CRM & projects integration.”

Consequently, an ERP-system Odoo was decided to use. During the selection process and ultimate role plays that fact that Odoo is an open-source solution, so we always have an opportunity to develop a system for the Agency’s new business needs.

“Technology should be ascending, dynamically developing!” - Says Seghii, CEO at JayaDigital.

During the first stage, working with basic system modules, the above- mentioned issues were covered, anyway later we needed to have some additional improvements and developments:

  • Adaptation in the system of internal notifications - task deadlines, invoice payments;

  • CRM integration with Project module;

  • Financial module integration with a specific company’s needs (to run payroll calculations, considering motivation system);

  • Opportunity to view the documents without downloading from the system;

  • Update the tasks’, bugs’, clients’ and leads’ cards;

  • Improving the overall level of user experience.

About the benefits of ERP-system usage

Implemented the Odoo ERP system, JayaDigital received a solid toolkit, which allowed to streamline the company's work. The most valuable modules are CRM, Projects, Reporting, Finance, HR.

"Due to the fact that the technology is dynamically developing and it has a large "community", we have received much more than expected. For 4 years a lot of extensions, modules, developments were implemented. Thus, it gives us an opportunity to streamline even that process, which we haven’t planned to initially.”

Company owners noted the prosperity level increase in the business proceeding, identification of inefficient processes, projects, and executors, the formalization of the main part of the processes, as well as reducing the time spent by employees, in particular in the management team, on setting tasks for the specialists and monitoring their implementation.

“All employees realize the necessity of the ERP-system usage. At this moment our team operates with the efficient data by the decision-making moment, maintain accounting and make the conclusions, based on the real-time information. Each employee has the opportunity to record comments about the processes, product, project, interact and influence the optimization of our business processes. The system keeps records of all resources, expenses, time-billing, and also all communications, which makes Odoo multifunctional for us. "