Sales Automation Opportunities

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What we do

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Sales processes analysis & optimization

Sales strategy & process analysis. Sales funnel setup and development.

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Qualification process automation

Qualification matrix development, Lead scoring and workflows automation.

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Technology integration & support   

CRM integrated according with sales processes and integrated with marketing tools and web analytics. 


Streamlined sales process and focus on leads with high priority 

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Right prioritization


Human factor minimized

Sales scaled

How we work

Sales Analysis & Strategy

Qualification matrix & criteria

Workflows design

Sales content mapping

Technology integration

OnBoarding & Support

Fondy Payment services

Digital strategy

Our Digital Marketing Team was hired to improve the low level of knowledge about the service and attract new clients. We have achieved in a year such results: +384.36% Users and +362.08% Sessions.

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Cashinskiy Loans online

Sales funnel development

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